Operation Equip

Laptop Donations

How can you help?

We focus on high quality, durable, and gently used computer equipment. It takes a lot of effort to get a laptop to Haiti, so we want to make sure that it will provide benefit for years to come.

  • Let us know what you have! We'd love to hear from you and see if your equipment donation is something we can use. Email us at laptops@aprann.org.
  • Check in with your IT department at your place of work. They may have used equipment available for donation. Share this PDF with them!
  • Spread the word in your network. We all have those nerdy friends in technology that may have connections!
  • Consider donating to the cause. There can be substantial cost to refurbish, license software, and get the laptops to thier final destination. Please consider partnering financially by donating here.

Business partnerships bringing laptops to Haiti

Our passion is to equip nonprofit schools and training centers that operate in Haiti with high quality, durable, and performant equipment. We have found that one of the best ways to accomplish this is through business partnerships. IT departments in larger organizations tend to have consistent processes for refreshing employee equipment, leading to stocks of sometimes gently used, business grade laptops and equipment. Click below for an information PDF that you can email or print and share with your favorite IT person.

Steps in donating

  • When retiring your laptops, you identify those machines that are in good working order and that meet minimum standards.
  • Let us know what you have and we’ll make sure that it’s something we can use. Just reach out to laptops@aprann.org.
  • You wipe the hard drive and reinstall OEM operating system (if possible).
  • Ship the equipment to our headquarters. We also love it if you’d consider a donation of $50-$100 per laptop to assist in our efforts to prepare and distribute the equipment, but it’s not required.
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What we do

  • Identify, vett, and partner with amazing 501(c)3 nonprofits that are doing life giving work in Haiti through education and/or skills training.
  • Inspect the equipment to make sure it meets the operational requirement standards
  • Make sure everything is updated, and install any necessary software
  • Attach a donor plate with your organization’s name to each laptop
  • Distribute the equipment to our nonprofit partners who provide educational opportunities on the ground
  • Provide you with an In-Kind donation receipt upon request
  • If and when possible, we send you updates (and sometimes even pictures) of what your donation is doing!


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the equipment be used?

It depends on the partner organization that is receiving the equipment, and what their needs are. Some use cases include: establishing a computer lab at a school, as personal laptops for students working through a job skills training program, or as work laptops for staff of a nonprofit organization.

How does the equipment get to Haiti?

Getting gear to Haiti can be complex! After inspection and preparation, Aprann may either hand deliver the equipment during our trips to Haiti, or ship to the U.S. headquarters of the partner nonprofit so that they can transport it however they best see fit.

Do you accept equipment other than laptops?

We’d love to know what you have! Due to shipping logistics and other complexities with moving equipment, laptops offer the most value. However, we may have use for monitors, docking stations, and other peripherals. We also love donations of new equipment and accessories such as mice, keyboards, headsets with/mic, laptop cases, locks, etc.

Can I choose where my equipment goes?

We typically appreciate the flexibility to distribute to what we’ve determined is the area of greatest need, but will also take nominations of specific qualifying organizations into consideration.

Any other ways to partner?

Aprann has a computer science teacher training program, geared towards providing knowledge and resources to Haitian teachers in order to equip them to bring CS to their classrooms. Teacher scholarships allow us to provide the training and resources at little to no cost to Haitian teachers. We’d love for you to consider partnering financially through a teacher scholarship. Reach out for more information!

What kind of hardware specs do you like to see?

  • Prefer minimum Intel Core i5 (or equivalent), 8GB RAM, 256 GB hard drive (bonus for SSD).
  • Preference for consistent equipment, meaning batches of similar makes and models
  • Good working order, meaning keyboards, screens, trackpads, and peripheral connectors work correctly with no issues.
  • Clean, with an overall good cosmetic appearance
  • Prefer working batteries, but we may accept equipment with non functional batteries in some cases
  • Hard drives completely wiped, with fresh install of OEM operating system. If that's not possible, we'll install Windows.

Why are we picky about donations?

We desire that the equipment we pass on to our partners will have a long and useful lifespan after we deliver. We want it to be consistent, easy to maintain, and performant for the many use cases it might be exposed to in the field. Because of that, we really prioritize high quality, gently used technology. It’s also nice to receive large enough batches of it so that we can potentially supply an organization (classroom, lab, etc) with a complete set of similar gear.

In the unusual case that we determine that the equipment that was delivered to us does not meet our standards or cannot be used for any reason, we reserve the right to donate locally, use for parts, recycle, or to store until a period of time where we can make use of it. No hard feelings!