Sponsorships, redefined

Everyone has a story, and every story matters. We help donors connect with someone's story in a deep and meaningful way. With your subscription you get unlimited sponsorship types (e.g. student, teacher, sports team, classroom) and unlimited profiles. You also get maximum flexibility in configuration for sponsorship pricing and sponsorship slots.

Protecting children first

Child safety is a guiding principle. As a requirement, child profiles are masked so that names, faces, and other identifiable information is protected. Sponsoring a child unlocks the profile and provides the sponsor full access.

Secure Payment Gateway

Simply and securely link your bank account in just a couple of minutes. Discounted non-profit payment fees. Weekly payouts. Too easy!

Robust Reportings

Intuitive reports for donor management, auditing, and accounting purposes. Whatever information you need is at your fingertips. Reports are simple to navigate, simple to export to Excel, and you can control access through administrative permissions.

Managed roles and permissions

Delegate responsibilities across your organization, and limit access to just the functions necessary, whether that be reporting, administration, or sponsorship management.

Gift Sponsorships

Anyone can gift a sponsorship to someone else for any pre-paid length of time. The recipient will receive a gift code via email that they can them use to select a sponsorship. Upon expiration, the recipient will have the option to convert the sponsorship to an ongoing paid subscription.


Occasions provide one time giving opportunities that are above and beyond monthly sponsorship giving. Aprann can automatically generate an Occasion and notifiy sponsors for things like student birthdays. You'll also be able to create ad-hoc Occasions for things like end of year fundraising, teacher bonus time, or anything else you can imagine!

General Donations

Use your general donation form to easily collect ad-hoc donations. We never charge an application fee on general donations.

Your branding

We will work with you to setup a custom url with your own domain, such as https://sponsor.yoursite.org. You also have full control over logo, images, taglines, and other content.

Kindful Integration

Kindful is one of the leading providers for nonprofit fundraising and donor managment. By connecting Aprann to your existing Kindful account, you will be able to automatically sync your Aprann donors and transactions to your Kindful account on a nighly basis.