Technology meets mission.

Equipping nonprofits to thrive in their unique areas of outreach and expertise.

You're a nonprofit. We're a nonprofit. Our goal is partnership, so let's do this together! We partner with missionally aligned organizations in order to help them reach full potential and thrive in their unique areas of outreach and expertise. We strongly believe that by providing software and technology services in support of educational opportunity and job skills, that we are assisting our partner organizations in their efforts to address systemic and underlying causes of poverty and family disruption.

  • Computer science educational resources and training, with a goal to foster excitement, creativity, and problem solving skills through programming!
  • Technology enablement in the form of hardware support, software licensing and support, and consulting.
  • Relational fundraising software platform for people sponsorships and crowdfunding capabilities.


Educational Resources

Teacher Training Program

Computer science is for everyone!

Computer science in the classroom teaches logic, problem solving, and creativity. We equip and train local educators to bring computer science curriculum to their classrooms in a fun and engaging way.

CS0 - Intro to Computer Science

Online curriculum that's intuitive, interactive, and fun.

Aprann's curriculum of choice is an online, graphics based set of courses from Carnegie Mellon University. The courses teach fundamentals of computer science and programming using the Python programming language, along with interactive graphics and creative exercises. We start with CS0, which is an introductory level course, geared towards students with basic computer knowledge and minimal math background.

Equipping to Thrive

Providing training, resources, and ongoing support

Aprann leads local teachers through an online training program. Teachers first partipate as students by going through the course, then have opportunities to observe and assist teaching in future classes. Eventually, they will take the material to their own classrooms, educating and inspiring the next generation. Aprann provides ongoing support and training along the way.

Our Heart

Sustainability and cultural sensitivity are key

We whole heartedly believe that computer science education is for everyone. We also believe that we exist to play a supporting role, and that the best people to educate in Haitian schools are Haitian teachers. For that reason, our desire is to work in the background, providing help where needed, but leaving space for teachers to deliver in the most effective way.


Operation Equip

Business partnerships bringing laptops to Haiti

Our passion is to equip nonprofit schools and training centers that operate in Haiti with high quality, durable, and performant equipment. We have found that one of the best ways to accomplish this is through business partnerships. IT departments in larger organizations tend to have consistent processes for refreshing employee equipment, leading to stocks of sometimes gently used, business grade laptops and equipment. Click below for more info on how you can get involved.


Technical Enablement

Hardware provisioning and support

We work with partner nonprofits to provide hardware such as laptops and networking equipment at no cost or substantially reduced cost.

Software licensing and support

Through vendor relationships we secure discounted software licensing for nonprofits for products such as productivity and educational software.

Technology infrastructure consulting

Aprann provides consulting expertise for a wide range of technology needs, specifically in the context of developing areas needing creative solutions that support limited infrastructure

Training and mentorship programs

Onsite and remote programs with a strong focus on a train-the-trainer approach, empowering and enabling local staff with the skills needed to teach others in their schools and organizations.


Sponsorship software platform

Best in class software for our nonprofit partners

Aprann offers software as a service to our nonprofit partners. In particular, we offer a sponsorship software platform called Outgiven. Outgiven is an all-in-one solution for managing student sponsorships, child sponsorships, classroom sponsorships, or virtually any other type of sponsorship scenario you might have. It includes a full suite of management and reporting tools, secure integrated payments, privacy protection for minors, donor engagement tools, and much more. Learn more here!